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I tested tandem skydiving

Wishing you to discover a region other than Brittany, I went to spend a weekend in the Landes. You're starting to know me, I can't imagine a vacation without thrills! So it was to discover the region from the sky that I challenged myself to skydive !


1:30 p.m.:after a long drive, I finally arrived at the aerodrome.

I open the door and immediately, music and laughter greet me...Ideal atmosphere to relax before a jump ! A few papers to fill out and then I wait for the briefing. The hangar is also very well equipped for waiting:you can quench your thirst at the bar, chat with the professionals, watch the parachutists land or even play with the children in the area provided for this purpose.

3:30 p.m.:the time for the briefing is approaching and despite the rather relaxed atmosphere that reigns, we are all very attentive. It is all the same for our safety! The instructor explains the process of jumping and landing . He also tells us what positions to adopt to optimize our jump.
I then meet my jumping instructor:Shean, as well as "my" cameraman. All this little world just for me… a real star! Shean equips me with a harness . Not even scared!

Airplane flight

4:30 p.m.:the whole group approaches the plane. Don't expect to be comfortably seated on seats. No no no, we are warriors! We sit on the floor of the device one behind the other. Then reigns a golden silence for maximum concentration.

The pilot accelerates and we take off! I take the opportunity to admire the splendid Landes landscapes. We fly towards the coast and I discover a stretch of fine sand as far as the eye can see. Wonderful ! The pilot continues to climb the plane and we pass the clouds. A breathtaking white sea is then offered to our eyes. The parachute jump is also all the poetry of the landscapes that invades you .

The (long-awaited) jump

Well, it's time to gather your courage in both hands and go! Before the plane door opens, everyone wishes each other a good jump and checks his gear.
The "solo" jumpers move towards the door... I must admit my heart is starting to race ! The jumps follow one another and it's my turn. With Shean, we approach the door … It is the legs in the void, that a mixture of adrenaline and apprehension overwhelms me!

I fall at full speed towards the ground … difficult to express the sensations felt in writing, you really have to experience them! It's a cocktail of thrills that I'm not ready to forget!
After passing through the clouds, the parachute opens and begins a ballet of aerial figures, each more dizzying than the next. others ! Going a little slower, I also have time to appreciate the panorama.

The landing

The earth is getting closer and closer and I raise my knees as indicated during the briefing. Soft landing. My cameraman runs towards me to collect my first impressions:"Crazy feelings! ! »

So I approach the hangar and after the adrenaline of the jump, you discover with admiration all the parachutes that color the hangar, ready to be folded. I also took a very instructive little lesson on folding , quite an art!

At the heart of this sport:adrenaline, breathtaking views, thrills! The only negative point I would share with you is that parachute jumping is very addictive . I just want to go back!
Relive this extraordinary adventure with me on video…

Loisirs Magazine advice:As the body is put to the test, you will need to provide yourself with a medical certificate. For the tandem, you must also be over 15 years old and weigh less than 95 kg.