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Parachute jumping in Paris and Île-de-France

You can let go! To live a high-flying experience, go near Paris in Île-de-France, for a memorable parachute jump .

The jump closest to Paris

If you're in Paris, you'll have to drive a bit to soar into the sky. Péronne is a city located in the Somme, 1h30 from Paris . If you live in the north of the Paris region, the time is reduced to just 1 hour! For a weekend or an impromptu getaway, this skydiving spot is ideal.

With a first tandem flight, you fall very quickly for a free fall at more than 200 km/h, impressive and incredible ! The descent under sail is a quieter moment where you can observe the 360° panorama.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the plane that takes you to altitude operates the drop in complete safety! At the end, once in the "drop zone ", you come to your senses, you land on solid ground !

  • Parachute jump near Paris

Apart from the baptism, you can also do an initiation, or even – this one is very impressive for novices – an automatic opening jump in Péronne. This site offers a wide choice to get laid! In any case, you are accompanied by a professional instructor who stays with you throughout.

Jumps near Île-de-France

Going a little further, you still have a choice of jumping. Among the skydiving spots, we can count on Picardy and Burgundy, with Amiens, and the surroundings of Troyes and Auxerre . You are just over 2 hours from Paris , a good alternative for testing skydiving, while staying near Île-de-France!

The first in the Somme, and the others in the Yonne, offer a change of scenery for sure. Arrived at 4000 meters, the experience promises to be refreshing , until descent under canopy. If you have to hit the road to experience these new skydiving spots, go for it! The Province allows you to escape from everyday life from the Paris region, adding a bit of madness with a parachute jump.

  • Parachute jump in Île-de-France

Whether it is punctual for the occasion, or for a weekend, you will discover the sky of these regions. In the middle of wide open spaces, the panoramic view is simply awesome. Keep your eyes peeled as you leap into the void . It's up to you now to decide where you will go!

The final word…

All around Paris, you can make your dream come true to parachute. Sometimes barely an hour's drive away, you experience a sensational free fall several thousand meters above sea level, it's a real cocktail of sensations to discover urgently !