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Some ideas of destinations for outdoor sports this summer

On the program this summer:adventures and sensations, sports stay! Do you want to maintain yourself physically or simply want to play sports? Why not treat yourself to holidays that are as exotic, exotic as they are sporty? Focus on several destinations conducive to the practice of outdoor sports !

Hiking (New Zealand)

New Zealand is known and recognized worldwide as being one of the most beautiful hiking destinations in the world . In fact, you can explore these paths on foot or on horseback, alone or accompanied.

Hiking is one of the main outdoor activities in New Zealand. It is also the way to enjoy its rich and generous nature . Please note that it is quite possible to cross the country from one end to the other on foot thanks to the long trail “Te Araroa .

Note that there are nine Great Walks. » which cross mythical places like Tongariro , Abel Tasman and Milford in New Zealand. This hiker's paradise also offers a great diversity of landscapes:many national parks, a diversified and preserved nature.

Diving (Cuba)

Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, is a destination of choice for diving enthusiasts . Indeed, thanks to its seabed of rare beauty, more and more divers come there to explore its some 500 species of fish, its breathtaking landscape made up of crevasses, its magnificent caves and its canyons that can be visited...

Discover the most beautiful Cuban dive sites during a trip to Cuba such as María la Gorda , Cayo Largo or the Island of Youth . If you are thinking of diving in María la Gorda , you will discover the wonders of the Cuban marine world:groupers, barracudas, angelfish, parrots, turtles, sharks, giant gorgonians... a true paradise on earth which leaves divers and walkers awestruck.

You can go diving in Cuba everywhere :in the Jardines del Rey archipelago , in Varadero , in Guardalavaca , in Trinidad ! Once there, you will be spoiled for choice among the most beautiful spots on the island.

Canyoning (France)

As a reminder, canyoning or canyoning is an outdoor sports activity , requiring more or less physical effort. It consists of progressing in the bed of watercourses whose flow ranges from low to high, in portions where they run through narrow ravines or in gorges... alternating swimming, walking, sliding and jumping, abseiling , climbing!

France is one of the essentials for the practice of canyoning. Indeed, France is home to some of the most beautiful canyoning spots in the world as the canyon of Cluses , Llech canyon , canyon of Riolan , canyon of the Ecouges … It is a real paradise on earth for all white water sports enthusiasts.
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In conclusion

As you have seen, these are just a few examples of sports stays abroad or in France. If you have other ideas for outdoor sports destinations, please let us know in comment below.