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10,000 steps a day

Healthy living is not just about eating healthy and exercising. It also means that you exercise enough.

Keep track of your steps for a while
You don't need an expensive pedometer, you can download enough apps with a pedometer these days. Some smartphones even have one as standard. By keeping track of your number of steps per day for a while, you gain insight into your exercise pattern.

10,000 steps can be done
A good guideline is to take 10,000 steps a day. This is doable, although you will probably have to do something extra for it. Research has shown that we take an average of 6,000 steps a day.

What can you do to get 10,000 steps?
– Take the stairs more often.
– Go grocery shopping on foot.
– Go for a walk after dinner or during your lunch break.
– Park your car a little further away.
– Walk to the bus or train.
– Get off one stop earlier and walk the last part.
– Do not send your colleague an email, but just walk there.
– Walk back and forth while on the phone.
– Do you have to wait for the train? Walk around some more.