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This is how you tighten your abs

How do you tighten your abs on command and how do you know for sure whether you are doing it right?

It's hard to describe how to tighten your abs. For example, you can imagine that someone is going to punch you in the stomach. With the two exercises below you can learn to get more and more control of your abs. Tip:just keep breathing while contracting your abs.

Exercise 1 – crocodile breathing

Lie relaxed on your stomach with a slight arch in the lower back. Try to push that concave as high as you can with a deep belly breath by breathing straight through your back. The goal is to hold a breath of four seconds in and eight seconds out. By practicing this a lot, you learn to tighten your core better.

Exercise 2 – brace

'Brace' is not retracting your navel to tighten your abdomen, but really tightening your abdomen by coughing and thereby activating your abdominal muscles tightly. When you cough, you really tighten your abs. You can do all your exercises from the brace. This makes them much more intensive. It is a double activity and it gives a double effect.