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Winter:5 must-know tips to better fight the cold

Winter is here, temperatures tend to drop below zero, frosts are spreading and logically…we are cold. So if we know it, the best method to fight against the cold is to… move; however there are certain things to know so as not to fight it in vain. Here are 5 misconceptions about the cold.

How can you fight the cold effectively?

Among other techniques to fight against the cold, that of accumulating light layers of clothing is particularly effective. Why ? Because it allows you to trap several layers of air that will effectively insulate you from the cold outside. A practice that "fashionistas" call layering is the perfect technique to combine stylish outfit and warm clothes. Clothing that we will choose as much as possible in natural materials such as wool for example, which is an excellent thermoregulator.

Also, don't forget to cover the ends. So wear a hat, earmuffs, a hood to cover your head and ears and of course gloves for your hands. Thick socks and possibly lined boots will protect your feet.

Cold:what are the good reflexes to adopt at home?

The well-being , it's not about living in a T-shirt all year round. In winter, keep your sweater on at home or snuggling up in a plaid in front of netflix is ​​a natural reflex. To perfect the grandmother side even more, abuse soups and herbal teas and rediscover the pleasures of the hot water bottle.

You should also know that adapting the temperatures is also an excellent way to fight against the cold at home. Thus, the more the body is accustomed to lukewarm temperatures, the more it supports colds. If it is too hot in the house, once outside the air will seem even more icy. At home, it is therefore better to block the heating at 20°C, or even 19°C or 18°C ​​in the living rooms. Don't forget that above 20°C, microbes thrive.