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1 week to get in shape after the holidays

Come on, let's motivate ourselves to keep this "new" resolution:lose our little paunch, Santa Claus style, and get back in shape (well, ok, we've already tried, but this time we'll get there). We give ourselves a week and we follow this little slimming program to start the year 2017 healthy.

Day 1:

Morning:We start the day with a cracking breakfast. For this, we prefer white cheese. It is accompanied by muesli, known to be rich in natural fibers. And we can treat ourselves by adding dark chocolate shavings (but we take it easy on the quantity!). We also opt for a fruit:half a grapefruit! It's fresh and it's full of vitamins. Green tea and orange juice, and presto, we're ready to go to work.

Noon:Remember:Water is my best friend. So, we do not hesitate to hydrate throughout the day. The must:lemon water, known for its "detox" properties. For lunch, we prepare a good little salad of raw vegetables, without too much oil. We stock up on protein with a piece of chicken, preferably white, and cooked without fat. If you want to accompany your meal with a piece of bread, you prefer wholemeal bread. For dessert, fruit or unsweetened yogurt. Above all, we eat slowly, we take our time!

We move:To start the program, we take it slow. 45 minutes of walking is enough. We get some fresh air, we evacuate the stress of work while burning calories.

Evening:We end the day with a good vegetable soup, accompanied by a slice of wholemeal bread. For dessert, a frozen yogurt (still 0% fat) with pieces of figs.

Day 2:

Morning:Two slices of wholemeal bread with jam (eg fig). We prepare a good squeezed orange juice. We warm up with a tea or a coffee. An unsweetened yogurt, and let's go.

Noon:On the menu this time, we opt for fish. We grill a salmon steak, and we accompany it with green beans. For dessert, what's better than a detox smoothie? You will need 1 apple, 40g strawberries, half a pineapple, 25g cherries, 1 ice cube. Mix everything after removing the seed and skin. Enjoy it fresh.

Let's get moving:This time it's jogging! We go at our own pace, and we don't try to go faster than the light. A word of advice:do not hesitate to listen to music while running, it boosts.

Evening:We finish with a chicken wrap. For this you will need chicken strips, lettuce and tomatoes. If desired, you can afford a piece of cheese with a slice of wholemeal bread. For dessert, some strawberries.

Day 3:

Morning:Craving a treat? This is possible with a light waffle, to be eaten plain. On the side, opt for slices of apples, sprinkled with cinnamon. Finally, a fresh orange juice, the best friend of less morning people.

Noon:Eggs are low in calories and are especially known for being high in protein. Broccoli has a considerable fiber content. This is what we need! On the menu, broccoli and feta omelet. Serve with two slices of bread. We close the meal with a grapefruit and banana salad.

Get moving:No more subway rides. This time, we prefer the bike. Again, we go at our own pace. But nothing prevents alternating with accelerations. It burns calories, we guarantee.

Evening:If you usually eat rice, replace it with quinoa. Decorate with prawns, and prepare the whole salad. (here the recipe) For dessert, an unsweetened yogurt and two kiwis.

Day 4:

Morning:As you will have understood, fiber is essential for digestion and it promotes weight loss. We therefore do not hesitate to eat muesli in the morning. Add banana pieces and cream cheese. As a hot drink, a green tea, a true antioxidant. You will be ready for the morning.

Noon:A chicken paprika is on the menu this afternoon (the recipe). Accompany it with green beans. Finish with an unsweetened yogurt and a clementine, to fill up on vitamins.

Let's move:For this new year, we can indulge in a new practice:dance for example! A fun activity to get back in shape. We join a club, or quite simply, we turn on the music at home, and we move our butt, we follow the rhythms. What's better than slimming down while having fun?

Evening:End the day with turkey breast and steamed potatoes. And to color this meal, for dessert, prepare yourself a fruit salad:grapes, apples, bananas, strawberries, figs, grapefruit, pineapple. There, you can be greedy (but not too much).

Day 5:

Morning:We start with a slice of wholemeal bread spread with jam of your choice. In hot drink, tea or coffee. Then take an unsweetened yogurt, as well as an orange.

Noon:For lunch, we opt for penne with zucchini (find the recipe here). And for dessert, we taste a good apple. Because it is well known:"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". In case of a little peckish, prefer a smoothie, instead of snacks. A fig and rose smoothie will be perfect as an appetite suppressant (for the curious, the recipe is here)

Let's move:Let's go for an abdominal session to say goodbye to Christmas rolls. And you won't miss the essential cladding exercise. In plank position, your feet and forearms should serve as support points. Contract your abs:you must hold for at least one minute. For more exercises and for the bravest, it's here.

Evening:We end the day with a vegetable broth, accompanied by a slice of bread. We finish with cottage cheese and half a mango.

Of course, on weekends, we avoid letting go. But we continue to vary the ingredients. There is nothing easier to get back in shape. Just choose your food wisely, and above all, get moving! Also, set goals. It's always motivating. And above all, it is important to enjoy it.

Marion Ristor