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What are the conditions for skydiving?

Surely many of you want to go skydiving one day in your life , and as extreme sports experts, we understand that 100%! For practicing any extreme sport , there are always some conditions to be scrupulously respected, we list below the ones that come into play for skydiving and we explain to you why they are so important:

1. Maximum weight for skydiving

Generally, this is the first question that comes up very often for people wishing to make a parachute jump:is there a maximum weight? Yes, there is one that is fixed by the skydiving center where you will perform your free fall. Roughly speaking, the weight limit for skydiving is fixed around 90 kilos . However, as it depends on your instructor and the glider since you are going to do a tandem parachute jump, it is sometimes useful to see directly with the jump site because the maximum weight can sometimes be slightly higher.

2. Minimum/maximum age for skydiving

Senior friends, if you dream of skydiving, know that there is no age limit to free fall! You still have to be in good health, of course. For information, some people even realize their dream of jumping by parachute at the age of 90 , sometimes more. Why not you?
On the other hand, the minimum age is fixed from 15 years to be able to discover skydiving in tandem, with either the presence of the parents, or a duly signed parental authorization.

3. Ideal weather conditions

It is more than imperative! A plane will never take off in bad weather and therefore no parachute jump can take place that day. To understand that the wind should not be higher than about 40 km/h , the clouds shouldn't be too low for the team to see when jumping out of the plane, and of course it shouldn't be raining. lots of new questions to face your fear and your adrenaline:do I have to open my eyes? can I still jump if I have vertigo? will I be able to breathe normally? etc.