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3 tips to get up fresher in the morning

While one person jumps out of bed happily at the sound of the alarm clock, the other presses the snooze button about six more times. Do you want to get up a bit fresher and faster in the morning? Then read these tips.

We all know the need to turn around again. Yet it has long been shown that snoozing does not make you healthier or makes you feel more rested. On the contrary, often even. But how do you make sure that you feel more like putting on your most beautiful smile on that early morning and shining into the day?

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Glass of water

Entire tribes swear by this tip. Put a glass of water by your bed. And drink this as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning. Secretly, your tired, bloated feeling can sometimes be related to a lack of moisture. If you immediately give your body and brain that much-needed wetness, there is absolutely a chance that you will feel more energetic in the morning. Give it a try, at least it's nice and cheap.

Cold shower

Of course, your urge to take a nice warm shower is quite ingrained, but you have probably already read that taking a cold shower has many advantages. And that really doesn't have to be ice cubes cold. Colder water triggers your blood vessels to keep expanding and constricting and this process speeds up your circulation and raises your heart rate (temporarily and safely!). Your organs will wake up nicely and you will feel the new energy flowing through your body. Delicious!

Favorite music

Do you also hate that all-consuming, relentless, panic-inducing sound of your alarm clock? Funnily enough, most of us opt for the standard WAKE UP sounds on the alarm clock or smartphone. But why not choose a great song? Happy by Pharrell Williams, for example. Or Insanely Dreamed of Children for Children. Because you have to wake up anyway, so better be happy.