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5 original sports to discover!

Whether you are very sporty or not at all, the 5 very original sports that we have selected below will please you 100%! You will certainly discover some for the very first time!

The most magical:Quidditch

Fans of the very famous sorcerer's apprentice Harry Potter will be inexhaustible on the subject, but despite the international success of the literary and cinematographic saga, some people are totally unaware of what Quidditch is! Originally, it is obviously a totally fictitious sporting activity , imagined by author J.K. Rowling, which opposes two teams of 7 players on flying broomsticks who aim to score goals, and catch a magic ball to score the "golden snitch » . A Quidditch match can last several months and be deadly!

Adapted to real life in 2005 (to some extent), Muggle Quidditch (or Muggle Quidditch) more commonly referred to as Ground Quidditch , is still played astride a broom and mixes 3 sports:dodgeball, handball and rugby.

The most fun:Parkour

This sports activity is original because it can be practiced anywhere and does not require any particular material or equipment apart from the obstacles encountered in the urban environment! Derived from free-running in a more acrobatic version, parkour has become known in particular by the cinema in France thanks to the film Yamakasi , even if this street sport remains to this day not very widespread.

Parkour, where the art of movement as it is called, allows the tracer to move freely using very precise movements.

The most precise:Curling

Among the different ice sports that can be practiced, curling is perhaps not the one that provides the most thrills, but definitely the most original! The purpose of this precision activity is to throw a granite stone to get them as close as possible to a circular-shaped target called a "house".

Two teams compete and are each made up of 4 players:throwers and sweepers . Curling is an original ice sport because players have brooms allowing to slow down the deceleration of the stone, to reinforce its trajectory towards the target and to clean the track of broken glass. Originating in Scotland in the 16th century, curling might be one of the oldest team sports in the world. It has officially been an Olympic sport since 1924 .

The most traditional:the Nautical Jousting

Existing in France, Switzerland and Germany, Nautical Jousting is a sport that opposes two jousters each of them mounted on boats led by rowers or motorized depending on the methods that vary by region.

On the same principle as the fights on horseback with a spear in the Middle Ages, nautical jousting is therefore practiced on the water and always consists in unbalancing his adversary to make him fall.

The most risky:BASE Jump

Paralpinism is one of the most extreme sporting activities in the world. Indeed, the base-jump consists of jumping from any fixed place and then opening your parachute. Only an experienced skydiver has the ability to practice base jumping, with the essential basics to jump safely .

Initially, it was an extreme sport that was performed from a cliff, but base jumpers are jumping more and more in urban areas (buildings, monuments, etc.). It differs from the Wingsuit which requires a special combination.

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