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Sports activities to do on your next trip to France

Between sky, land and sea, France offers a multitude of sporting activities not to be missed. Although the country is famous for its wines, its fine cuisine and its art of living, adventurers who are looking for an adrenaline rush , will undoubtedly find a way to let off steam.

France is to be discovered absolutely for your next adventure trip, whether you are French or a tourist discovering the country. This promises you discovery and fitness during the same stay .

The most extreme activities that will fascinate travelers the most

The parachute jump

To start, you can choose to do a first flight with a tandem parachute jump. Safe and supervised , this aerial sport will allow you to enjoy a strong sensation and a unique experience.

In almost all cities in France, from Paris to Lyon, from Provins to Strasbourg, from Étampes to Amiens, or from Narbonne to Arcachon , beginners will find tandem jumps with a certified instructor at Sport Découverte.

You will make a descent in free fall from 3,000 to 4,000 m altitude then the parachute will open and, from the air, you will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the landscape under the sail.

Bungee jumping

Backpackers looking for something new will try bungee jumping. This provides a strong adrenaline rush. For your information, it is an outdoor sporting activity that consists of throwing yourself into the void with an elastic rope attached to the ankles and/or torso , designed to slow down and then stop the fall.

It should be noted that the French territory has many internationally recognized sites for this practice. We count, among others, the bridge of Artuby, the gorges of the Tarn or the Isère as spots recognized worldwide.

On the Ponsonnas bridge in Isère , you adventurers will try a jump of 100 km/h from a height of 103 m.

Water sports to discover in France

France is a land of play that will delight those who are looking for a sporting trip. In addition to aerial activities, water sports are just as essential.

On some sites, thrill seekers will, among other things, flyboard, a fun and trendy sport providing a new sensation . This one is made on a machine that allows you to fly on water.

Thanks to two nozzles with high pressure water and a jet-ski, adventurers will fly several meters away. They will also be able to draw exceptional figures on the water.

Those who want to learn how to flyboard will go, for example, to La Rochelle or Grau-du-Roi to name just these places (about fifty flyboard offers to book throughout the France is available at Sport Découverte) . On site, they can start with a 20-minute session. Note that the power of the water jet will be regulated by the monitor.

In addition, holidaymakers who want to combine a stay with an unusual activity can choose to swim with the dolphins of the Mediterranean in Cannes . You should know that these cetaceans are very sociable mammals. They will be easily approached by travelers.

To enrich their sporting escape, tourists can also discover snorkeling or take a first dive .

Leaving to discover mountain sports


During a stay on French land, whether during the winter or summer season, globetrotters will enjoy many breathtaking sports in the mountains .

Among the most popular is the baptism or initiation to paragliding , a sport very practiced in mountainous regions, whether small or medium mountains.

This activity will give travelers the opportunity to fly over breathtaking panoramas, whether snowy in winter (you can even go paragliding on skis) or green in summer.

From the air, you will admire the ground covered in immaculate whiteness or a limpid floral green depending on the season, but you will always oscillate between admiration and thrills.


In addition, the more adventurous will ski off-piste. Rich in sensation, the latter will allow speed enthusiasts to enjoy an exceptional moment of sliding while hurtling down the slopes.

In addition, mountain and sports lovers can go ski touring in the Maurienne. They will first climb the summit with skins, then they will descend on skis.

Nothing like a sports trip

To get off the beaten track or escape the humdrum of everyday life, nothing is better than a sporting trip while discovering France. So let yourself be tempted by an unforgettable and sensational sports holiday.

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