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Connected Karting:What is it?

It can be difficult to find an activity or entertainment that appeals to everyone. This means that at a family celebration, an outing with friends or a professional event (seminar, for example), some participants remain in the background. All this could be finished with connected karting.

Connected karting:what is this new animation?

Everyone knows the principle of karting. You can join it or not, if you are a fan of driving and speed or not. Similarly, the laser game has become democratized enough for the vast majority of French people to at least explain the rules. Again, this activity may know its detractors and its fans.

Now imagine karts that would run on electricity and that would each be equipped with a laser. All vehicles would be connected to each other, as well as to a scoreboard. The latter would sit above a circuit; built with inflatable modules to ensure safety.

The object of the game, of course, is to roll and cross the finish line, but that does not mean victory. It is necessary to arrive with the greatest number of points. How to earn them? Quite simply, by making other opponents slow down.

For this, only one weapon:the laser that equips his kart. Turning 360°, you have to aim well to hit other vehicles. All competitors hit slow down and the shooter gains not only speed but also points.

He has the satisfaction of seeing them appear on the board, while the number in front of the name of the others decreases. Of course, they don't intend to let it go and will be keen to find a target to regain speed and points, too.

Connected karting circuit:who is it for?

This is one of the big advantages of this activity which tends to develop exponentially not only with individuals, but also with professionals, fond of quality entertainment for their seminars.

This game appeals to everyone, especially since it is suitable for children from 9 years old. For them, a smaller kart and limited speed, but the principle remains the same and in complete safety. Depending on the event, it is therefore possible to request a simple or very elaborate circuit with many turns and above all, to be able to play together, all generations combined.

The strategy that must be put in place to arrive victorious reserves a lot of laughter, because if everyone has the same, you have to be able to manipulate your kart, while aiming; which is not easy.

Another strong point is the operation with electricity. No toxic fumes; making it both outdoor and indoor entertainment; since it does not require specific ventilation. In addition, eco-friendly people can only rejoice at this great progress in nomadic activities.