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Chocolate milk good for athletes

After vigorous efforts, chocolate milk replenishes fluid and sugar deficiencies better than energy drinks with vitamin supplements. This and more is apparent from research by health magazine Bodytalk.

During the study, well-trained cyclists first had to 'empty' themselves until they had run out of sugar supplies. They were then given chocolate milk or an energy drink , both with the same amount of sugars. In a new cycling assignment, four hours later, the group that had drunk chocolate milk continued cycling for half an hour longer than the cyclists who had drunk the energy drink.

A subsequent study also showed that after drinking low-fat chocolate milk, the muscles of football players recovered faster from strenuous exercise than with an energy drink.

It is still unclear what exactly makes the difference. It may have to do with the presence of sucrose in chocolate milk .

ANTIOXIDANTS Vitamin supplements are taken because they contain antioxidants, substances that knock out the harmful oxygen radicals. The investigation of Bodytalk indicates, however, that the reality is more complex. During physical exertion start defense mechanisms in the body against these free oxygen radicals.