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More exercise in the office

A new New Year's resolution starting this week; more exercise in the office.

You can then make time at the weekend to go for a walk and exercise in the evenings. On average, people with an office job sit a lot and that is not good for you. How do you make sure you get enough exercise during office hours?

Take the stairs
Get used to taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Walk as much as possible
Do not immediately send an email and do not pick up the phone right away, just drop by the colleague for whom you have a question.

Do tasks in between that make you move more
After two hours in front of your screen, it is really time for a short break. Go get coffee, copy or, if necessary, clean up your desk.

Be active during lunch
Go for a walk during lunch.

Walk around while calling
If you need to make a phone call, if possible, do so while you are walking around.

Go to the toilet on another floor
… and take the stairs.

Replace your office chair
You can easily hang on an office chair. if you replace your office chair with an exercise ball or a stool specially designed for this purpose, you ensure that you are more active throughout the day.

What are your tips for exercising more in the office?