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What are the favorite hobbies of seniors over 50?

What are the favorite hobbies of seniors over 50?

The practice of leisure is not the prerogative of the youngest. On the contrary, with more free time, especially for retirees, seniors engage in many leisure activities. Sport comes first, followed closely by travel and recreational activities. Nevertheless, according to the advance in age, and also their state of health, the favorite hobbies of the over 50s differ.

Seniors' favorite hobbies before retirement

From age 50 to retirement age, the favorite hobbies of seniors are still very much conditioned by their schedule, most often still punctuated by working days.

As for the rest of the population, sport is the favorite pastime of seniors over 50 who are still active. A way to stay in shape and to push back the health problems linked to aging as much as possible for these "young" seniors. Thus, jogging, walking, cycling are sports very popular with the over 50s as long as their health allows them to exert themselves in this way.

Travel is also one of the favorite hobbies of seniors over 50. As proof, for many years already, more and more travel agencies have specialized in the organization of tourism and leisure services adapted to seniors, especially those who are still active. In addition to the pleasure of discovering new regions or foreign countries, these trips are also a good way for these seniors to continue to meet people, to develop and maintain social ties. This is why tourism and travel also remain the favorite leisure activities of seniors, especially recently retired.

Cultural activities, especially the cinema and museums, are also leisure activities very popular with seniors.

After retirement:more time for your favorite hobbies

After retirement, on average around 62 years old today, the favorite hobbies of seniors change a little. They are more influenced by the state of health and the level of autonomy, in particular after the age of 75.

Once retired, seniors have more free time. Many of them devote more than 12 hours a week to their leisure activities.

At this age, sport is still the favorite pastime for seniors. Walking is the most popular leisure activity. Many seniors over the age of 60 join clubs and take part in hikes organized especially for them according to their particular physical abilities. Nordic walking is also very popular with seniors. Aquatic activities also hold a good place in their favorite leisure sports activities.

Even when they get older, seniors do not shy away from leisure activities, quite the contrary. After the age of 75 in particular, recreational leisure activities are more those practiced by seniors. For example, many seniors get together for games of card games, or chess for example, activities that they appreciate in particular because they call on their cognitive functions which it is necessary to maintain and preserve as you grow older.

Gardening, which allows you to be close to nature, and DIY also remain the favorite hobbies of seniors, especially from the age of 50, as does cooking. More and more of them are joining clubs in this sense, to share their knowledge on the subject, but also to discover new recipes and discuss their favorite hobby.

For the oldest seniors, television also remains the favorite pastime. It is indeed, and even more so for isolated elderly people, a good way to have fun but also to stay in touch with the world. Today, the use of the Internet also takes over in terms of leisure activity. Like television, it represents an opening to the world, but also a way to stay in touch with loved ones, and why not to share leisure activities with them online.