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Passion for extreme sports

With the development of urban sports (i.e. practiced in the city environment:BMX, skateboarding, rollerblading, etc.) in recent decades, various so-called extreme disciplines have appeared, encouraged by the media and in particular the web.

Surfing the internet wave, extreme sports are not limited to this:there are also outdoor sports made popular in particular thanks to the campaigns and events organized by the Red Bull brand. Also called alternative sports, these disciplines are constantly evolving.

What is extreme sport?

In its simplest sense, extreme sport is a dangerous physical activity involving the risk of fatal accident or serious injury. It is of course the adrenaline that is sought after in these so-called "sensational" sports:in images or in reality, they are aptly named because they fascinate the public.

As for the athlete, he risks his life at every moment, it is moreover very often a question of classic sports diverted towards harder practices to arouse the notion of danger, prized for the sensations it provides. Activities as diverse as hang gliding, mountaineering, motocross, canyoning, snowboarding… are all considered, to some degree, extreme.

Extremes in the wind

Extreme sports are entitled to events dedicated to them all over Europe, including the FISE – International Festival of Extreme Sports, to name but one – which has taken place every year in the city of Montpellier since 1997. This event, which takes place in May gathers riders from all countries, for nearly 25 different roller skating, skateboarding, BMX, mountain bike competitions...

The extremes have their heyday in the image of a young and urban state of mind, since it is located in the heart of the city, and even popular because access to the festival is free. The festival has been internationalized several times since its creation, so it has already taken place in several North African countries and new disciplines have joined the guest list over time.

There's something for everyone

In the category of so-called extreme sports, we will have noted the recurring presence of sliding sports; the latter can be terrestrial, nautical or even aerial:bungee jumping, tightrope walking, parachuting... All these disciplines consist of a demonstration of skill and cold blood for those who exercise them.

Thus, it is above all about acrobatic sports where the practitioner performs tricks by defying the laws of gravity – jumps into the void, etc. These disciplines involve speed, height, and of course a taste for risk, although the notion of "extreme" remains subjective:it includes activities that are more or less dangerous, depending on the practices and the places.

Extreme sports are, most often, given to be discovered in urban areas and are practiced most of the time on their own; however, they tend to be recognized as official sports and are even offered by some summer camps.