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Swollen belly:9 foods to eat in moderation to avoid bloating

It's the holidays, we take the opportunity to relax and enjoy all our favorite little foods. However, as comforting as they are, they leave us with a feeling that is not always pleasant. Between a swollen stomach and bloating , we often regret having eaten them. If it's the same refrain every time, it's because we don't always know why they make us feel that way. So, here are9 foods to eat in moderation to avoid a swollen belly to the beach. If some are more seasonal, others are also to limit all the rest of the year to feel light in our body and in our head.

Swollen belly foods:those to eat in small quantities

Depending on the season, our body heat increases and we must thereforeadapt our diet to keep it at room temperature. If it is something that we rarely think about, it is nevertheless necessary for the well-being of our little bidou. Certain categories of food promote belly swelling and other digestive problems. Although we like to raise the temperature, we prefer it to be with our partner rather than in our stomach. To avoid this, we will limit our consumption of spicy foods , dairy products , alcohol and fatty foods . And yes, you would have understood, you should not abuse your favorite summer cocktail. During our aperitifs, we will also avoid crisps and sauces that are as good as they are fatty. Fast food is to be left out to feel on top. Sugar-free ice cream and cones will also be limited throughout the season.

Bloated stomach foods:those to be wary of

We tend to say that fruits are our allies and that they mean us no harm, wrongly. If the watermelon is certainly our cute sin of the season, its seeds are real harmful for the health of our intestines. The mango will also be to be limited, because rich in sugar, it considerably increases our body heat. And if the dried fruits are slimming allies, it is still necessary not to abuse them. They heat up our body and take a long time to digest.